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The range of products is huge, and the potential problems
in safeguarding the public from the dangers it can pose never
seem to decrease.

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Damaged or unsuitable packaging can allow bacterial contamination, cosmetic defects, and a reduced shelf life. Choosing the right packaging is as important as choosing the right product.

Irish Flexible Packaging has twenty-five years of experience in the food packaging industry, and has grown and expanded throughout that time by keeping abreast of developments in the market, many of which are directly attributable to its own expertise. Having started by specialising in the bakery sector, perfecting both the materials and the packaging systems, Irish Flexible Packaging expanded into other divisions of the food market, and at the same time developed packaging materials that could take the place of single-use plastic.  Each new market carried its own challenges, but Irish Flexible Packaging rose to each of them, and found solutions.

Some of its products could cross several packaging borders; its popular food boards, constructed from aluminium foil coated pulp, is hygienic, easy to use, and holds its rigidity very well under almost all circumstances. Originally intended mainly for the seafood sector, it is now gaining in popularity in products ranging from processed meat to confectionary.

Versatility is always an advantages when a new product is developed, and IFP’s work with recyclable polyethylene terephathalate (PET) is an excellent example. Its resistance to friction gives it a durability which is needed when it comes to wrapping hard products, particularly those with irregular shapes, such as bone-in meat. IFP can, and does, produce non-plastic alternatives, and there is an increasing demand for them across the board, but for the moment woven PET and non-woven polypropylene do still have a part to play in this sector of the food packaging industry.

Parchment paper, either on its own or used in conjunction with waxed paper, aluminium foil or other packaging materials, is the wrapping of choice for today and probably for some time into the future. Made from sustainable materials, and entirely compostable, IFP is finding expanding markets for this excellent product. It is grease and moisture resistant, has excellent dead fold properties, and runs smoothly through packaging machinery. Dairy products, particularly butter and cheese, are the fastest growing markets for this material, but as research and development proceeds the range of its uses will increase.

Bread, meat, seafood and dairy products, confectionary and fruit and vegetables, all need suitable packaging if they are to reach the retailer in the best possible condition and catch the eye of the shopper. Irish Flexible Packaging works alongside its clients to ensure that its materials match the markets for which they are designed.

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Fresh Meat

Our range of Bone Protection products offer complete protection for the packing of bone-in meat. Non-plastic options are available.


Non Woven PP, Woven PET, Food Grade Wax

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We offer a range of waxed paper, with weights and designs suited for all bakery needs. Our products are certified as compostable.


PP, Wax Coated Paper

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Our butter wrap is known throughout the world, manufactured with laminated aluminium foil and paper, its functional and sustainable.


Paper / AL, Parchment Paper

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Food Service

Our parchment papers are suitable for both industrial and food service applications. An environmentally friendly solution


Parchment Paper

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Our food boards are suitable for a multitude of purposes, from seafood to confectionary.


Aluminium coated pulp.