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The perfect packaging solution for bouillon stock cubes, butter, margarine, dripping, and any oil-based solid products.

Our aluminium packaging provides a complete, impermeable barrier, protecting the integrity and improving the shelf life of sensitive products in a highly sustainable manner.

Our foil is cured over a 48-hour period, this forms a strong flexible bond that will not delaminate, or curl as there is no inbuilt stress with the process.
Our embossing process has been developed to give the best dead fold possible due to its mechanical properties. This in combination with  very controlled slip value, ensures our foil runs smoothly, without issue on packing machines.

We use solventless adhesives as part of the makeup of the product which assists in generating excellent migration results. Our foil has been developed to be environmentally highly efficient, the low pack weight therefore a much lower energy usage during distribution therefore reducing the carbon footprint.

Aluminium is infinitely recyclable, 80% of all aluminium ever produced is still being used today

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