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Highest Standards of Quality

Irish Flexible Packaging’s commitment to quality is a byword among its clients, who are simply not prepared to accept second best.

commitment to quality

Global consumer brands, for example, priding itself on offering what may well be the best butter in the world, with exceptionally high standards for its grass-fed cows, would certainly not allow its product to be packaged in inferior materials

Supermarkets with international reputations to uphold and legal and marketing departments watching every move from competitors and suppliers alike do not make the mistake of choosing the wrong component companies in the chain. Packaging is vital, and it is very strictly regulated.  Where food is concerned those regulations are rigidly enforced, and Irish Flexible Packaging clients need to be confident that there will be no problems, or even awkward questions, on the subject.

The BRC (British Retail Consortium) certification under which leading packaging suppliers work is an additional guarantee of quality, as well as providing the assurance that all work is carried out in compliance with statutory regulations. This certification requires the company’s processes to conform with ISO 22000, FSSC 22000 and PRPs standards. In addition to BRC, Irish Flexible Packaging is a member of EPA, Sedex and Repak, a clear demonstration of its commitment to high environmental standards and good waste management procedures, increasingly important factors in marketing as well as responsible manufacturing.

Before the Covid-19 pandemic struck the world, IFP was happy to welcome prospective clients to its site in Carnew so they could see for themselves the dedication with which the teams worked to improve and perfect their products, and to answer any questions, possibly by means of demonstrations. Sadly, this is not possible at present, but IFP will do what it can to help in the way of on-line technical audits as an interim measure.

IFP’s research and development teams have been responsible for bringing the best quality to its products range. Wax paper, super-view, printed film and butter wrap lead the field in technical excellence, and display the clients’ products to their best advantage.

The clients who use IFP’s products are also committed to high quality, and IFP works alongside them on their projects to supply training, to maximise the return on investment of any new machinery that may be required, and to ensure that standards of packaging continue to improve as changes are made. These partnerships as projects are developed are unique; the resource requirements are different every time, and IFP is committed to ensuring that any changes to existing routines or systems are entirely for the benefit of the client, and that the client’s workforce is confident in its ability to handle the new systems once any necessary training has been completed.

There is strong competition in this sector, and Irish Flexible Packaging is fully aware that its commitment to quality is an important factor in the efforts it makes to stay ahead of its rivals.

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There is strong competition in this sector, and Irish Flexible Packaging is fully aware that its commitment to quality is an important factor in the efforts it makes to stay ahead of its rivals.

Our Quality Process

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At Irish Flexible Packaging we provide competitive products and services of the highest standards.

We are committed to ensuring product safety, legality, regulatory compliance and quality. Irish Flexible Packaging operates with a BRC certified management system, in full compliance with the enforced regulations.

Our commitment to quality and product safety is
an ongoing continuous improvement

commitment to quality

We plan for:

  • Goals and customer requirements
  • Resource requirements
  • Training

We review existing procedures, work instructions and develop and implement change.

We work with our customers on developing a high standard of quality and follow this process through by our own internal audits, our goals and preventative action monitoring.

IFPIL Customer Audits

Visit our site, but due to the current government restrictions we have had to limit the number of visitors on site to essential visits only.

commitment to quality

Online Audit

We can facilitate an online technical audit but before this can take place we would need you to detail the conditions of your supplier approval process and details of the audit scope you would plan on auditing us against. If the online technical audit is not sufficient we can reschedule an onsite audit at a later date when things have settled down.

Product Safety And Quality Policy

  • Provide competitive products and services of the highest standards.
  • Provide reliability ensuring product safety legality regulatory compliance and quality.
  • Satisfy mutually agreed needs and expectations of our customers.
  • Ensure our products are safe and conform to statutory and regulatory requirements.
  • Policies and Procedures meet requirements of the BRC Global Standard for Packaging Materials FSSC 22000 Scheme and Industry best practices.