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Strong Shelf

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Moisture Barrier

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ClearPack is an environmentally friendly alternative to our SuperView range

Ideal for selling artisan and brown breads and can also be used for half loaves with excellent results due to the transparency of our specially developed paper.

ClearPack has all the qualities of our Coated Papers whilst still ensuring product visibility, increasing consumers’ confidence at point of purchase. The ClearPack structure allows sliced bread to hold its shape for longer. It has been formulated to create an excelled dead fold and has controlled levels of moisture permeability.

Ideal to use where applications require the composite package construction to be certified as Industrial Compostable and recyclable.

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Extensive testing has been carried out and is now Cré and TUV Certified as industrial compostable and fully recyclable and can now be added to the Green and Brown bins at consumer stage.

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