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BreadWrap Benefits

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Strong Shelf

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Moisture resistant
Due to the wax coating

Excellent dead fold

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BreadWrap can be used for wrapping of fresh produce from the food and bakery market.

Our paper based BreadWrap has traditional values of integrity and simplicity imparting a feel of quality and freshness. Printed BreadWrap achieves excellent bright colours with a high gloss – perfect for strong ‘stand out’ and high visibility, enabling easy product identification for consumers.

This specially developed packaging has been formulated to create an excellent dead fold and controlled levels of moisture permeability, with a heat sealable conversion friendly coating on both sides of the packaging.

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Extensive testing has been carried out and is now Cré and TUV Certified as industrial compostable and fully recyclable and can now be added to the Green and Brown bins at consumer stage.

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