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Decrease Punctures
and Leakers

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Packaging Costs

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Plastic Usage


BoneGuard is a hybrid material comprised of polyester and wax.

It is tough but flexible, allowing processors and packers added protection for their product. Our precision engineering allows us to calibrate exact measurements of wax absorption during the manufacturing process. This results in a superior product, consistent performance, and maximum quality.

Adding BoneGuard to your packaging procedure will both increase the quality and presentation of your finished product all whilst saving costs and decreasing leakers and spoilage. Our product enables processors to dramatically decrease packaging costs.

Extra bone protection means processers can use thinner, lighter bags, decreasing plastic usage without worrying about punctures and leakage.

The ability to use a lower micron bag increases the shrinkage percentage. This allows for greater drip and blood loss control, enhancing presentation on the finished product. Our bone protection range reduces mould growth and darkening of the bone marrow. This means the finished product keeps the same freshness as the day it was packed.

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