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The IFPIL Group

The IFPIL group was formed in 2019 with a mandate for supplying socially responsible and environmentally friendly packaging.

Comprised of both IFP and Fispak, the IFP group prioritises quality, sustainability and reliability, exports globally, and is supported by international operations.

Irish Flexible Packaging was founded in 1991 to service the Bakery industry. Since our formation, we have been committed to providing our customers across the world with dependable and innovative flexible packaging. The expertise of the Directors and team at IFP has been dedicated to our customer needs and service. We work with our customers to create lasting value and to design packaging that combines a range of properties that their consumers will value.


Fispak have more than 40 years’ experience supplying the food industry. Working with reliable and reputable suppliers who are committed to delivering quality products on time and specification. Through hard work, dedication, and a passion for customer service, we have expanded our product portfolio to encompass a wide range of packaging and ingredients for supply to the food industry.

about us

Capability Statement


Using the resources available to us, we are able to
produce a wide range of products including:
waxed paper, film, Superview, Clearpack paper,
foil, BoneGuard and Food Boards.

Between the three sites we have a range of
machinery to suit your products and to improve
the efficiency of delivering these products to you.

We can offer stock holding by means of
agreement between us and our customers.


Fispak – Warehousing, Storage and Distribution activities


Fispak – Manufacturing and Conversion activities


IFP – Printing, Manufacturing and Conversion activities

We Are Flexible Packaging Specialists

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