Our Role With The Environment

Irish Flexible Packaging Environmental Commitments.

The Environmental Policy of Irish Flexible Packaging Ltd is to balance the needs to
achieve its business aims with the need to protect the environment.
The guiding principles of this policy are:
A commitment to show continual improvement and prevention of pollution by
setting and reviewing environmental objectives and targets.
A commitment to comply or exceed where appropriate with relevant Irish and
EU legislation, regulations and corporate policies relating to the environment.
Commitment to this policy involves almost every aspect of the company’s business
and its employees and resources shall be made available to implement these guiding
The objectives of this policy are achieved through the implementation of the
environmental management system documented in the Environmental Manual,
Environmental Procedures and Environmental Forms.
The Environmental Objectives and associated targets dates are established and
reviewed within each management review meeting, and are communicated and
understood by all levels of our organisation – for their continuing suitability and
effectiveness in achieving the aims of this Environmental Policy.
All staff shall be trained with regard to key environmental principles and staff in areas
of environmental concern shall be trained specifically to meet the required needs.
Irish Flexible Packaging maintains an open information policy towards all parties
affected, interested and involved in its activities and to issues, which concern the
This environmental policy shall be publicised to all employees and interested parties.

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