Company Code Of Conduct

Code of conduct and ethical policies

Irish Flexible Packaging Limited follows an effective code of conduct and sound ethical policies in all matters involved in the business. We have adopted the proven concept and communicate our message to all staff, encouraging them to strategically incorporate our company code into their own practices.


Customer Satisfaction.

Irish Flexible Packaging Limited strives to interact with customers in a fair and honest way. Product quality and customer privacy all play an essential role in the daily work of Irish Flexible Packaging Limited. Consistency in the production of high quality products is vital for our success, as customers and consumers demand only the best from each of our outstanding products. In response to customer demands, Irish Flexible Packaging Limited and its employees deliver products which meet and even exceed customers’ expectations, all while adhering to the relevant quality and safety standards.


Economic Performance

While successfully maintaining the highest ethical and socially responsible standards, we continue to improve and secure our financial status. Our ultimate objective is to achieve our financial goals efficiently as we conduct all of our operations in the interest of sustainability. Our unique business strategy proves that production and sustainability can go hand in hand, a concept that promotes customer service and strengthens our product portfolio. Increasingly, Irish Flexible Packaging Limited is making strategic business decisions to invest in sustainability initiatives which we are confident will result in long-term, sustainable financial growth. Irish Flexible Packaging Limited works carefully and intentionally to ensure that our investments are right for the Company.


Quality Assurance

Irish Flexible Packaging Limited enjoys an excellent reputation as a global leader in the manufacturing and sales of sustainable, tailor-made speciality products. Our products are produced in accordance with strict environmental management systems and guidelines (ISO14001 & 9001, BRC) as well as Hygiene Management Systems (HACCP, BRC). Thanks to a Total Quality Management System, Our products are products of the highest quality, promising 100% customer satisfaction. Wherever possible, we take advantage of the newest methods and technology innovations. As a result of our leadership in quality management and evaluation, our customers receive exactly what they ask for.


Environmental excellence

Wherever we do business, Irish Flexible Packaging Limited demands full compliance with all applicable environmental laws and regulations. We make a substantial contribution to reducing the environmental impact of our activities and promote the sustainability of the natural resources on which we depend. We work with our suppliers to enhance their efforts to improve and report performance whilst empowering our customers by delivering products that enable them to make sustainable decisions.


Our in house emissions monitoring system records and controls all emissions in 5 minute intervals. This data is available to us in real time and forms matrices for continuous monitoring and further analysis. The system is designed to abate VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) emissions, which is a greener way of treating exhaust gases from the plant. The aim of this is to minimise the Company’s carbon emissions creating and environmentally friendly environment. This contributes enormously to our reduction of our carbon footprint.


Fair Dealing

In a highly competitive world, Irish Flexible Packaging Limited fights for fairness. Our employees endeavour to deal fairly with all of our customers, suppliers, competitors and fellow colleagues. We strictly decline from any business matters involving unfair advantage through manipulation, concealment, bribery, illicit trade, abuse of privileged information, misrepresentation of material facts, or any other similar practices.


Rejection of Child Labour and Forced Labour

Irish Flexible Packaging Limited will not engage in or condone unlawful employment or exploitation of children in the workplace, or engage in or condone the use of forced labour. Irish Flexible Packaging limited is dedicated to working intensively with partners – including Suppliers, Interest Groups, Customers and Government Boards – to support the progressive elimination of abuse and exploitation in the labour markets connected to our field of work. As a result of our careful selection of reputable suppliers operating in known production locations, supported by regular supplier evaluations, Irish Flexible Packaging Limited confidently anticipates that child and forced labour is not nor will ever be a part of our supply chain.


Independence from Corporate Political Activity

Irish Flexible Packaging has no involvement in any direct or indirect political contributions. Irish Flexible Packaging does not encourage any kind of political activities conducted by their employees.

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