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 10% extra yield.

We use a specially formulated adhesive to laminate greaseproof paper to foil. It cures over a 48 hour period on the reel, which allows the bond to settle. This forms a strong flexible bond that will not delaminate, or curl, as there is no inbuilt stress within the lamination. The bond is not affected by temperature extremes. Our foil will not delaminate. We use a state of the art, newly developed embossing machine which gives the best dead fold emboss on the market. This in combination with very low slip values insures our foil runs smoothly, without issue on a packing machine. Low glue weights, allow the foil and paper, do what they do best – fold efficiently, contributing to excellent pouch formation, and a good looking finished pack.


Our Butterwrap offers a 10% min yield saving over existing PE and Wax lamination foils used, which saves cost, and reduces your packaging.


Our NEW Aluminium / Parchment Butter Wrapper Laminate Packaging has the following BENEFITS for you and your Company:

  1. At least 10% extra yield over other comparable laminates.
  2. Excellent dead-fold.
  3. Elimination of “Curl”
  4. The required amount of slip to match your packaging machinery, new or old.
  5. No De-lamination, no matter what the weather or refrigeration conditions. A must for catering.
  6. Excellent barrier conditions particularly when replacing into the fridge.
  7. Excellent shelf presence, due to emboss and print finish.
  8. Not affected by deep freeze conditions, either de-lamination or blistering of the pack surface.
  9. We work with our customers to reduce packaging cost.
  10. We engineer slip to maximise the performance of our foil on your machine.
  11. Just in time delivery and stock holding to save you money.


Our new laminate for butter-wrap has been extensively researched and trialled in Ireland and on the continent. We are approved by the Irish Dairy Board.

Our product is now produced and supplied to North America, South America and all over Europe.  Our production factory with the latest new machinery is specifically designed to consistently manufacture this new laminate to meet your needs.

Our Parchment paper is also extensively used.  It has the required values to ensure your product is adequately protected.



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