Town of Monaghan Co-Op

Who would have thought, a few years ago, that in 2014, Butter would be a front page story in TIME magazine? The re-emergence of butter as a natural and wholesome food is happening in parallel with the welcome development of an indigenous butter foil lamination and printing facility in Carnew, Co. Wicklow.

Eamon Farrell and his team at IFP have designed and installed a most impressive butter foil lamination and printing plant. Building on their expertise in the production and printing of waxed paper for the bakery industry the move into butter packaging looks like a natural progression.  Are there any two products more complementary to one another than bread and butter?

The combination of import substitution on the input side and the massive performance of Irish food exports, including butter, on the output side, is the type of synergy that will foster economic recovery and more importantly job creation, in indigenous Irish industry.

As a substantial producer of retail packed butter for both the Irish and export markets, Town of Monaghan Co-Op is justifiably proud of the quality of their “Champion” brand butter. In today’s retail environment, however, a quality product is not enough.  Packaging is critical, it must provide protection to the product during storage, transport and display, and it must reflect the inherent quality of the product and must carry clear and accurate consumer information. The supplier to the retail trade must be flexible and responsive to trends in consumer tastes and to regulatory and customer requirements.

For these reasons I very much value IFP as a supplier, predictable lead times and pricing has enhanced our ability to provide the level of service our customers expect. Excellent design and print quality portray a quality image, and provide consumers with the information they need.

I therefore wish Eamon and his team every success in expanding and growing their business in the coming years. I am confident that with the removal of milk quotas next year and the rehabilitation of butter, and particularly Irish butter, as a natural and wholesome food there is considerable room for optimism.

Joe Martin

Dairy Manager
Town of Monaghan Co-Op